“My weakness is wearing too much leopard print”~ Jackie Collins

I got to spent the last weekend with my pops bouncing around the city, just exploring. The go- to on my agenda was hitting up the Nashville zoo. Ever since relocating here, this has been the priority of places I needed to visit. You can just let you hair down, forget your worries, and be a kid again. The weather was intoxicating.  Viewing the animals made me want to one, pack my bags and go on an african safari and two,clean out my closest and fill it with bright colors and animal prints. I cannot wait to go back for more visits, and see what other inspirations I find.

I think I will go on a Safari, just need Levis shorts, Marc glasses, and massive handbag
Inspiring, bella
Louboutins, make skip around everytime.. weheartit


You can never have too much bootie...weheartit
Fierce... weheartit
Shade of my next hair color maybe....

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