I get ideas about what's essential when packing my suitcase. Diane von Furstenberg

This quote rings very true for me. I never knew how little one needs to pack until going out on the road. When you have to save space and live on a bus with 10 other people we learn quickly what you can and cannot live with. It is refreshing going out and traveling with the bare essentials. Not being weighed down with the unnecessary material items. It is also nice not having the extra material items, makeup, hair product, etc out with you to mask or cover up our flaws. When you are stripped down to the basics those around you get to know you for the vulnerable you which is rare these days and should be cherished. 

I am not saying though I do not run into my closet when I get home and roll around in my scarfs, jackets, and booties crying tears of joy that we are reunited, but it is nice to have a few days a week to reset and remember what is truly important. 

And to pack those important pieces I use two main brands; long trips it is Dakine all the way, and short trips Burton. Both are absolutely amazing and have saved me so many times with all my shit. I also have a beater carry on roller I keep packed at all times to be ready to go at a moments notice. 

The grab and go bag...yes I know my packing is perfectly executed here

The grab and go bag...yes I know my packing is perfectly executed here

And every now and then this happens..... I wish he could go everywhere with me