As the weather slowly starts to creep into fall, now is the time to contemplate those banging transition pieces. The stellar piece to have that every man and woman owns, is the blazer. I have no shame showing and telling all those I meet that half my closet is dedicated to the blazer. That staple piece looks great with any item found in the closet. The blazer is no longer just a piece used for work, even though it looks smoking in the professional setting, it can be more fun taken out socially. I guarantee I wear a blazer every day! If I do not have one on you can bet it is in my car! You never know when you will be caught in a situation where one extra piece is needed to add to that outfit or you are stuck in an ice box of a restaurant shaking to death. Blazers now come in all shapes and sizes which can be played up or down. Try throwing on a blazer with your denim shorts and a tucked in tee. Or with straight denim, black leggings and long tunic top. Another favorite of mine is placing a blazer over a little black dress on a romantic night out or even an edgy dress. Elizabeth and James create every style imaginable for the blazer with cuts and colors for each season. The textures and shades are to die for, and literally go with everything. Honestly, placing a blazing over a boyfriend tee and denim adds volumes and spruces up the basic outfit. And gentlemen, I have not forgotten you. You can take your blazer day to night, anytime. Wear that blazer to work with your suit or a nice dark trouser. Once you clock out switch it up for night by adding dark denim and a dress shoe or half boot. I recently had the pleasure of assisting on the wardrobe styling for The Zac Brown Band. One of the main looks was with the blazer. It was paired with denim, flannel, trouser shirts, and tees. Every look was flawless.

So ladies and gentlemen the moral of this story is the blazer. NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT.