" I do not fear commitment, I fear wasting time" ~ Unknown

I have not posted anything in awhile due to it being more of a slower summer than I would like tour wise. I do not go back out on the road full-time until the end of this month with Jason Aldean. Back to the country world I go. Many would say being back in Nashville for a couple months is a good thing. This gives me time to sit, relax, tie up lose ends. For me sitting causes insanity. I cannot be in one place for too long. A lot of monotony happening in the house. How are you to better yourself if you are not moving forward. 

Those who know me feel my inability to sit is a sign of me being unable to commit in life. I am always looking for something better something more. My reply is yes. I know what I want and I strive to achieve it. You can either join me for the ride or step aside. I set a goal to succeed in this industry and I plan on making it. I will take each job as they come. Never turning away the opportunity to grow my skill set and move forward. 

I am excited for this next journey I am about to embark on. It will be a new experience, new people, and many adventures to be had. So let's go fucking burn it down...